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Following are releases authored by or featuring rpk GROUP team members

Following is a partial list of national meetings, conferences, and events in which rpk GROUP team members will be or have been presenters, panelists, and keynote speakers.

Upcoming Events

  • July 26-28, 2018
    AASCU – Provosts on Academic Portfolio, SSI ROI, and General ROI – Bryan Setser to present and facilitate several sessions
  • August 1-3, 2018
    Pepperdine – Joint Sessions with Jeff Selingo – rpk GROUP’s Rick Staisloff webinar
  • September 24-25, 2018
    NACUBO – Louisville, KY – James Vigil to present for rpk GROUP
  • October 21-24, 2018
    EACUBO – Rochester, NY – Annual Meeting – Donna Desrochers to present for rpk GROUP
  • October 10-12, 2018
    Lumen Learning OER – Niagara Falls – Donna Desrochers to present for rpk GROUP

Past Events

  • May 1st–4th, 2018
    Creating a Culture of Innovation and Return on Investment for Education Organizations Lunch & Learn Session with Dr. Bryan Setser
  • April 21, 2018
    AGB National Meeting – Rick Staisloff, San Francisco, Pre Conference Workshop — Board Governance and the Use of a Strategic Finance Lens
  • April 2–4, 2018
    Civitas Learning Summit, Austin TX
  • March 10–13, 2018
    ACE Institute of New Chief Academic Officers annual conference Rick Staisloff to present in Washington, DC
  • March 1–3, 2018
    AACTE Annual Meeting — Bryan Setser to present with Rod Lucero on Creating a Culture of Innovation and Outcomes for Colleges of Teacher Education
  • [Date TBD]
    Association Executive Event hosted by Hartman Advisors, Clifton Larson Allen, and AHT Insurance in Washington, DC — rpk GROUP’s Bryan Setser and Rick Staisloff to present on Mission, Market and Margin: Putting Finance in the Service of Member Success
  • January 17–18, 2018
    James Vigil, Specialist at rpk GROUP, to present at Public/Private Partnerships for Higher Education Facilities in Anaheim, CA
  • December 8, 2017
    Donna Desrochers to present at a Jobs for the Future webinar on “Business Model Findings from Tech Enabled Advising (iPASS)”
  • December 7, 2017
    Middle States Commission on Higher Education, National Meeting, Philadelphia, PA
    “Using Mission, Market, and Margin as an Outcome Lens,” Rick Staisloff, Carroll Community College, and Loyola University Maryland
  • November 17, 2017
    Council for Adult & Experiential Learning (CAEL) National Meeting, San Diego, CA
    “Innovative Business Model in Higher Education: Connecting Resources to Student Success,” Rick Staisloff, Presenter
  • November 14–17, 2017
    Rick Staisloff to present at CAEL 2017 International Conference in Coronado CA
  • November 9, 2017
    Rick Staisloff and Loyola University Maryland to present “Applying a Return on Investment Lens in Higher Education” at NACUBO Managerial Analysis and Decision Support Workshop in Philadelphia PA
  • October 23-25, 2017
    Bryan Setser, rpk GROUP principal, to present at INACOL Symposium in Orlando, Florida
  • October 31, 2017
    EDUCAUSE Annual Meeting, Tech-enabled Advising and the Creation of Sustainable Innovation, Donna Desrochers Presenter
  • Oct 31, 2017
    EDUCAUSE Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, Diana G Oblinger Innovation Forum 2017, Rick Staisloff and Bryan Setser, Presenters

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