We continue to support our clients remotely, and stand ready to help higher education as new needs emerge in response to COVID-19



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Creating Sustainable Innovation

See how institutions across the SUNY System are building a sustainable OER roadmap and tools in partnership with rpk GROUP

Message to rpk GROUP clients from our Founder + Senior Partner:

Please continue to be safe as you support the needs of your students, faculty and staff. As a fully virtual firm, rpk GROUP remains a dedicated partner for those who are seeking sustainable business models. We remain confident that together we will emerge on the other side of this crisis, and build toward a stronger, more resilient future for higher education.

From Mission to Market®: The rpk GROUP Solution

Higher education and work are being disrupted. Traditional methods for supporting higher education business models are no longer effective, and innovation disconnected from the business model is not sustainable. As a leading higher education consulting firm, we support clients across the country and internationally to design, build, and implement business models that last.