At rpk GROUP, each of our team members brings a unique breadth and depth to the lens of organizational transformation. Together, they help leaders and teams create safe spaces where difficult decisions can be made through data-informed, strategically framed dialogue. Each of our team members brings significant experience serving higher education, nonprofits and for-profit companies. They have “sat in the chair” and understand the challenges facing your organization today, as well as the solutions that are now transforming the industry.

Rick Staisloff

Senior Partner

Rick Staisloff is the founder and senior partner of rpk GROUP. Prior to founding rpk, Rick served as CFO with public and private, two- and four-year institutions, as well as Maryland’s higher education commission and state legislature.

Lisa Clarke


Lisa Clarke brings more than 20 years of experience developed from a range of leadership positions in the areas of business development/strategy, finance, and decision support for higher education and Baltimore-area hospitals and subsidiaries.

Katie Hagan


Katie Hagan has an extensive background in fiscal policy and research within the context of both K-12 and higher education. Previously, she served as a research associate and faculty fellow at the Edunomics Lab at Georgetown University.

Donna Desrochers


Donna Desrochers has analyzed contemporary issues in education and the economy for nearly 20 years, working with diverse groups such as the Delta Cost Project, Committee for Economic Development, Department of Commerce and ETS.

Mike Daly

Mike Daly


Mike Daly has been a faculty member and administrator in public higher education for over a dozen years, with a focus on sustaining student success initiatives and leveraging assessment of learning outcomes.

Corey Gheesling


Corey Gheesling has a decade of experience working to increase equitable opportunities for students through high-quality academic programs, working previously with the Tennessee Higher Education Commission and Furman University.

Raven Moody

Senior Analyst

Raven Moody has more than a decade of experience in budget development and data analysis in higher education.

Emma Staisloff


Prior to joining rpk GROUP, Emma worked for 2U, an EdTech company, as a Senior Digital Marketing Analyst.