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How rpk GROUP creates the power to act

Where do we excel?

What do those we serve need?

How do we create a sustainable model?

Our distinctive emphasis on maximizing Mission, Market, and Margin® for our clients has quickly earned rpk GROUP an influential role in defining the future of higher education and work. And our partnerships with preeminent national foundations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Lumina Foundation and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation enable the rpk GROUP team to research and test new models and methods that become best practice for institutions, systems, and the field.

Key rpk GROUP services

Business Model

  • Generate new resources to allow for reinvestment across the organization
  • Create new resource allocation and investment models
  • Develop pro forma models to test new program and service initiatives
  • Create strategic sourcing and shared service models

Sustainable Innovation

  • Develop new shared future vision
  • Create nimble strategic platforms and planning for impact
  • Adopt change management approaches to shift people, time and resources toward shared future vision and strategy
  • Provide advisory services and thought partnership
  • Provide embedded executive leadership

Strategic Partnerships and Mergers

  • Conduct due diligence around strategic partnerships, including mergers and acquisitions
  • Identify and connect new strategic partners
  • Develop consortiums to lower cost and enhance services

Academic and
Administrative Reviews

  • Conduct academic portfolio reviews
  • Discover academic efficiencies
  • Conduct market research and develop go to market strategies
  • Uncover administrative service efficiencies and cost savings
  • Analyze auxiliary services
  • Create rapid response teams for financial return