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rpk GROUP is growing, and we’re thrilled to welcome talented professionals to our remote team! Read on to learn more about the work we’re honored to do, the principles that drive us and the benefits we offer.

Open positions

We’re hiring for the following roles. If you’re interested in joining the team, please email a cover letter and your resume to: [email protected]



Analyst position

March 20, 2023
The Analyst will support Senior Analysts, Senior Associates, and Principals as part of client-facing teams, playing an active role in all aspects of client engagement. This includes executing on project…

Associate position

December 10, 2022
The Associate supports Senior Associates and Principals as part of client facing teams, playing an active role in all aspects of client engagement. This includes executing on project design and…


December 10, 2022
rpk GROUP is seeking Graduate-level Interns for summer 2023. rpk Graduate-level Interns play an essential role in project support, helping at every stage of projects, from data collection and analysis…

About rpk GROUP

Sustainable business models

rpk GROUP (rpk) is working to create the sustainable business models that higher education needs! We utilize a proven Mission, Market, and Margin® strategy to partner with institutions and systems in connecting resources to mission and student success. Using this approach, our partners have broken free from an emphasis on budget balancing and cutting, to a new focus on return on investment (ROI). This ROI focus allows for the potential of cost savings, but primarily emphasizes a reallocation of resources to achieve student success, create academic excellence, and address workforce demand. 

Strategic partnerships

As a leading mid-size national consulting firm, rpk supports colleges and universities, systems, foundations and nonprofits worldwide with growth and resource allocation (and reallocation) strategies, helping them to combine cutting-edge research on higher education strategic finance with transformation at scale. Founded in 2010, rpk emerged from over two decades of leadership positions in the higher education sector, where team members honed their expertise in finance, innovation, and higher education from the perspective of state legislatures, higher education commissions, and both public and private, two- and four-year institutions.

A leading voice

rpk GROUP is also a leading voice in developing new business models for higher education, working closely with the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association, the Association of Governing Boards, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Lumina Foundation, NACUBO, and others to develop a new language and metrics around sustainable innovation, cost, and efficiencies for the higher education sector. This combination of a research focus around new business models and an ability to work with higher education institutions and systems to implement best practices emerging from this research sets rpk GROUP apart from other consulting practices. 

The rpk Way

After more than a decade as a remote-first team, we’re guided by what we call the rpk Way: a set of shared values and an approach that sets us apart.

We believe that company culture is an intentional and collective effort that requires the active participation of every internal stakeholder. 

The seven core values of the rpk Way are:

  • Knowledge is our currency, and we share it openly.
  • We possess deep domain experience in the academic sphere.
  • Our efforts are grounded in the business model.
  • We use data to tell stories that drive progress.
  • We have a bias toward action.
  • We help our partners to embrace change.
  • If our work isn’t sustainable, we haven’t done our job.

You can learn more about the rpk Way here:

Equity minded

We are invested in enabling access and success for all students in higher education, and we seek to use rpk’s subject matter expertise to build business models that create sustainable approaches to equitable student success. We want to represent this diversity within our team as well and welcome the robust perspectives this diversity brings. 


We’re not new to the new way of working. rpk launched 12 years ago as a remote firm, and we’ve been refining this model ever since. Team members live throughout the United States and benefit from the autonomy, enhanced work-life balance and greater flexibility this offers. While being a virtual firm is core to our business, we appreciate face time when we can make it happen. We aim to convene with colleagues in-person for quarterly retreats when it is safe to do so and love getting together at client sites.  

Team benefits

rpk GROUP’s compensation package includes a competitive salary (dependent upon experience), opportunity for annual bonuses, and unlimited paid-time off (PTO).  We outfit teammates’ home offices with needed technology (including a laptop, monitor, keyboard, printer/scanner, etc.); provide monthly stipends for telecommunications; support ongoing professional development; and cover all travel expenses for staff meetings and other required travel.


Have a question for us? Get in touch at [email protected]