Where do we excel?



What do those we serve need?



How do we create a sustainable model?


A new, combined Vermont State University
Vermont State Colleges System took a bold step to serve students and employers

Message to rpk GROUP clients from our Founder + Senior Partner:

Almost all institutions and systems in higher education have now recognized that they can’t stay where they are. That can be a scary realization.
Even scarier, however, is not knowing the business model you need to change toward.

      • How might the academic portfolio better meet the needs of students and employers?
      • Can administrative services be streamlined to eliminate pain points and reduce cost?
      • What’s the return on investment from your student success efforts?
      • And how might resource allocation models better connect to strategy and mission?

Whatever your shared future vision might be, know that rpk GROUP is here to help your institution and system navigate the path ahead.

From Mission to Market®: The rpk GROUP Solution

Higher education and work are being disrupted. Traditional methods for supporting higher education business models are no longer effective, and innovation disconnected from the business model is not sustainable. As a leading higher education consulting firm, we support clients across the country and internationally to design, build, and implement business models that last.