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EACUBO – Reallocating Resources Toward a Post Pandemic College

March 25, 2021
Location: Online

During this virtual session at EACUBO’s spring workshop, Rick Staisloff will be joined by Melissa Beardmore, CFO at our long-time partner Anne Arundel Community College. Melissa will share from AACC’s experience conducting a full administrative services review with rpk. That work resulted in the capture of savings equal to 5% of AACC’s annual operating budget—allowing for reinvestment in the college’s post-pandemic transformation efforts.

Budgeting at higher education institutions is largely based on historical allocations, with little connection to strategy. As a result, many institutions find themselves with unsustainable business models. This session will share how institutions can shift to a return-on-investment framework, allowing them to reallocate toward a new shared future vision and create a business model that is sustainable in the long run. The session will feature recent case study examples of academic portfolio and administrative services restructurings that positioned institutions to emerge strongly from the pandemic.