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In rpk GROUP’s Transformation at Scale Webinar, we had the honor of hosting two strong leaders in higher education. Dr. Barbara Bichelmeyer, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor, University of Kansas, and Dr. Yasmine Ziesler, Chief Academic Officer, Vermont State Colleges System shared their stories of transformation across institutions and systems.

What allowed this institution and system to move toward transformation? Top of mind components shared by Barb and Yasmine included:

  • Create urgency – Address the ‘why’ behind the needed change
  • Capture and communicate a clear Shared Future Vision – What institution/system do we want to become?
  • Optimize – How can we get more for the resources we already have?
  • Reallocate – Where can we shift resources to support strategy?
  • Define success – What will good look like, and how can we track our progress toward it?

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